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ok im terriblly sorry i havent updated in a while but school had taken over my life but i am now released from it for next week i have finals then i am done! muahahaha!

the new site is up. it looks really great. good job guys.

well there was a GREAT show this last friday which cassy put up a flyer for (thanks cass). and there was one last night. i hope all of you attended.

heres some up comming shows:

mon, 31 may @ 12:30
Memorial Park
1201 Foothil Blvd, la canada
a weeks notice
reserved 16
arms of atlas

sun, 6 june @ TBA
whisky a go go
$8 pre
$10 door

the show on 31 may is a weeks notice last show. i have no clue why they are discontinuing cuz they were one of my favorite local bands. it burns. but sunset fiction WILL be there!

i think everyone should go to the battle of the bands. i dont kno who else i playing but it doesnt matter cuz youre gonna go see sunset fiction! also if you want to get pre tickets you can email the band at for ordering information.

more shows when i find out! SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE TUJUNGA BAND!
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