Cassy (deadawake) wrote in sunset_fiction,

SF show friday. go with me!

Date: 2-20-04
Place: La Canada, CA La Canada Community Center (4469 Chevy Chase Dr. 91011)
Bands: (Sunset Fiction), Section 8, National Product, Cadence, Snap Out
time: 7:30pm
cost: $6
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awww man
i'm seeing coheed that night
i miss the mosaic/no future/LCCC, etc.
awww thats a bummer
maybe next time. i work at the mosaic now - so ill definately see you sometime soon :)
ill ask kyle to cover for me.
i hope i can even go...
Can you believe it! I had to miss the feb 20 show for art class! Oh well, I already saw them like twice in January and February...
thats a bummer. where did you see them play in january and february? becuase i was at those shows =)